Fantastico Massage

Fantastico massage by Michelle yesterday. Feeling so much better.

By: Shelly

Awesome Massage

Thanks for the awesome massage. I love your new office and I’m glad you’re so close now.


By: Miki

I Can Move Now

Thank You Dr. Covert for all your help over the past couple years.

I can enjoy the day to day life.

By: Jim

I Recommend Dr. Covert

I’ve been trusting my back to Dr. Covert for many years, and will for many to come.

His adjustments are effective, painless and have kept my back in good health.

His advice and prescribed exercises have helped me take control of my own well being and keep my body in good condition.

He’s great with kids too!


By: Lori

You’re In Good Hands With Dr. Covert

Dr. Ken was able to get me back on the road to good health, after having problems with my back for a number of years.

He takes the time to do what is needed and doesn’t just rush you in and then out.

I wish I lived closer so when I need an adjustment I could visit Dr. Ken.

By: Randy

Dr. Covert Is A Miracle Worker

When I first arrived at Dr. Covert’s office I was in more pain than just back pain. I had been suffering from heart arrhythmia, migraines, vertigo, nerve pain, asthma attacks and persistent nausea that had caused me to lose 25 pounds in under 6 months.

Dr Covert fixed all of that and brought me back to full health.

Him and his team are amazing!



Numbness and pain are gone!

I had pain in my shoulders, severe tingling down my arm and numbness in my fingers. Dr. Covert quickly concluded that all of my symptoms were because my neck was severely out of alignment.

He gave me several adjustments, and showed me an exercise that would correct as well as prevent future damage.

I am completely pain free, and all of the tingling and numbness is gone!

Thank you Dr. Covert!!!


By: Pamela M.